My son is 15 years old. He has good command of his 4 pitches. ( fast ball, cutter, circle change and a curve ball ). His fast ball is in the high 60’s. He would like to generate a little more velocity and bring his fast ball up in the 70’s. Any suggestions? He is doing long toss once a week.

Mechanics, functional strength training, and throwing are basically the three pillars of velocity. Can you post some video of his delivery so that we can take a look and provide feedback?

definitely long toss more if his arm feels good enough for it. do some explosive energy workouts such as battle ropes, med balls, body weight exercises and box jumps. long tossing 2-3 days a week going as far as you can by one hopping the ball is great but ease into it and try to help him know the difference between pain and soreness. have intent, the want-to to throw the ball hard and make sure he’s using his center mass (top of hip to belly button) to explode and whip his arm instead of tightening up and bearing down. it’s more about quickness and speed than it is power and how strong you feel when doing it

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Yes I can Steven. He is playing tonight. I am not sure if he will be pitching. I will have him throw tomorrow night at home and get better video from different positions. It won’t be from a mound. Thank you for responding! Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the great feedback. I wasn’t sure if he should be long tossing more but it make sense.

Sorry for the delay in video. He hasn’t pitched. I would like to have video from a game for you to look at. He should pitch this week.