Volocity help

I am a 13 year old pitcher. i can throw a fastball consistantly at 60-69 and im tired of being backup in the bullpen. in know its not my control cause i havent walked alot of batters. i need to increes my speed. im not that slow either so im kinda confused. we always have wild meatball pitchers to start a game throwing 50-58 so i want to make a statement. Any ideas to help.

There are a lot more variables you need to consider. Velocity is just one variable. And not walking a lot of batters doesn’t mean your control is good - it could mean that you miss your spots and serve up some very hittable pitches. How is your control? How well do you sequence your pitches? Do you pitch to your strengths?

Also, you need to consider that your being backup might not be related to your pitching at all. How is your attitude? Do you hustle? How well do you handle adversity?

Lots of things to consider. And you need to be honest with yourself in evaluating them.

That’s some great advice.