Visualization - Success must precede Success

This is a clip I made for my pitchers. The biggest part of pitching is making pitches. The ony thing you can control in the game itself is your ability to hit your target - to make the pitch. Listen to many great ones out there and they will tell you that they play the game with their eyes. Success must proceed success. With visualization you can put yourself out in front of the pitch. Google “the Dog and his Tail” parable…you can constantly chase success, or you can get out in front and success will follow you all the way.
The catching isn’t the best, so easy with the critiques of those wonderful gentlemen.

(Thanks ZC! Proceed = to go forward, precede = to go before. Thanks again)

Please enjoy and remember, you can be great with your thoughts…make it an all the time thing.

Fred, I think what you mean is “Success must precede success”. A lot of people are getting those two words mixed up. But you have the right idea; you take a previous success and build on it, expand it. Say you’ve pitched a good game and won it. When you’re about to make your next start, you think back to that previous game—think back to all the things you did right, how you pitched to the batters and got them out, and then you think about how you’re going to pitch to this next bunch of hitters and get them out.
I learned about this from my pitching coach of way back when. He was a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation, and he told me all about this—about building up on my previous win and taking it to the next level. (No wonder the Cleveland Indians were so afraid of him; he was consistently beating them to an unrecognizable pulp!) 8)

The visualization then leads to a plan…having a plan is a powerful tool.

Fred…man I really hope my kid or grandkid is lucky enough to have a coach who works on development. What a blast it must be at Memphis St.
Let us see a link to your camps next summer…if I’m up that way, I’d love to observe one for a day or an afternoon. Maybe buy you a hotdog and chat a bit.

Actually no in this case. Visualization as in the early 70s known as “psycho-cybernetics”. Maxwell Maltz wrote wonderful book that I was fortunate to have explained to me at a invitational basketball camp back in 1983. I saw guys in a matter of 10 minutes increase their vertical jump by 6 to 10 inches, utilizing visualization. I was part of the demonstration group. (I didn’t increase one bit, as reality has to be part of the equation. You can only fool the mind so much.)
Here’s how Maltz conveyed the importance.
Test with 15 basketball players shooting free throws .
Three groups of five.
Test was 21 days.
Group 1- 20 freethrows a day
Group 2 - shot 20 on 1st day, 20 on last day.
Group 3 - shot 20 on 1st day, 20 on last day. In between they didn’t shoot any like group 2 but visualized 20 successful shots a day.
Results for all three groups.
Group 1 - 24 percent improvement
Group 2 - no improvement
Group 3 - 23 percent improvement.

Combine the physical with the mental imagery, could 24% be 25% or higher? Doing just that, if improvement is a percentage higher? You now have an edge.

Fred, love your approach, I hope my kid gets the chance to play for a quality coach like you some day.

Here is a little visualization project for those that want to acquire more.

The Lemon Test.

Close your eyes and relax.
See on your movie screen located above your eyes between your eye brows your kitchen counter.
On your counter picture a lemon next to a knife.
Notice the distinct shape of the lemon. (a football with nipple on each point.)
Pick up the lemon. Notice it’s waxy texture. Notice the skin like dimples it has.
Now pick up the knife and cut the lemon in half and place the other half on the counter. A lemon has a distinct smell to it. When you catch that smell you know it’s a lemon.
Cut that half into a quarter and place the other quarter of the lemon on the counter.
With the quarter of lemon you are holding, take a bite, a big bite.

Open your eyes and notice the changes you have in your mouth. If you saw clearly, felt clearly and your smell was precise. There should be a bit more saliva in your mouth. The reason for this extra saliva is that a lemon has citric acid. As a result, the body shoots out saliva to dilute the citric acid so you can consume the lemon.
You didn’t bite into a real lemon, yet your body reacted as such.

Now see yourself hitting your target, see yourself getting a good grade on your test, see yourself accomplishing a sell, see yourself accomplishing _______. (fill in the blank) If you have put in the time and it is within your grasp or just outside your reach. See it happen.

Also, take the time and truly reflect on how many times you actually thought you couldn’t do something. Realize why you were correct with that assessment.

“he who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t, in both cases he is right.”

Success must precede success.
I hope I am not stepping my bounds with all this. I share because it is important. For me, far more than some/most of the things we place in front of it.

Thanks for sharing your vision with us. I read your posts and am sharing these with my son.

   We did the lemon test this morning and sure enough he had the results. He swore he could smell the lemon and his mouth was watering. He also loves the visualization of his pitches. His catcher is a bit of a character and they are good friends, so he's actually found it quite easy to start the visualization process. 

   Beng a freshman in HS he is a work in progress. But what a phenominal tool to have above and beyond mechanics, strength, size.