Vision question

Where are trying to look when you are hitting? Are trying to pick up the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand and focusing on the ball directly or are you focusing in more of a zone instead of the ball.

This is a good question, when I’m batting I try to pick the ball up right out of the pitchers hand, this way I might get a sneak peak at a curveball or fastball. Those are the two most common pitches I encounter. If I see that curvet, I tell myself to wait on it and if it looks inside RHP, RHB then its going to be a strike. If it looks like a strike I might want to hold up. But for your question, I think it would be better to pick it up right out of the hand.

My coach always says think fastball adjust curve. That’s what I do, but I try to pick his pitch up by trying to find the ball from his hand.

now that somebody asks this i dont have a clue. i dont even remember seeing the ball when i try to think about the at bat afterwards

I’m the same here, sometimes I ask the 1st baseman what pich it was. I think i react so quickely that I have no clue if it was a curve or fastball even if I adjust to it properly.