dude, i just got rid of quite possibly the most malicious trojan known to man, zlob. has anybody else had this thing? and on a side note reports DOW went up 494 points since like 3:00

Those trojans—and worms and other kinds of malware—are the most aggravating things imaginable, but a really good antivirus/antispyware/antiother kinds of malware will do the trick, keep them from even getting a toehold. This one called “zlob”—someone must be some kind of linguist, because there is a Slavic word “zhlob”, which is akin to “slob”, and however you want to call it, it’s a nasty thing to have to contend with. Glad you got rid of yours. :slight_smile:

Macs macs macs macs macs macs macs.

I have a Mac, but I dual boot Windows and don’t even use anti virus. Your computer will never do anything to give you spyware/viruses. It’s all in the user.

yep, i was stupid and turned off my email scanner, and then opened an unknown attachment. Probably the biggest mistake ive ever made while on a computer.