View of me pitching from behind


all welcome


all welcome

[/quote]rawtalent, didnt u once say you throw high 80s low 90s?? were u throwing hard cuz it dosent look anywhere close to even 85, as for the mechanics, they dont look bad at all man


That was actually an 85 mph fastball my friend lol
i guess because of the angles etc but yea i do throw hard first one was a 4 seam 2nd one was a 2 seam, it might have also been that the camera man was 10 feet back and the catcher was 5 feet behind the plate IDK lol


i thought you said you were a lean mean machine? :lol:


Yea i know i look pretty fat in that vid i guess cuz im wearin baggy clothes lol

this is how i look in uniform


UR BIG :shock:


He’ll kick your @$$


no doubt