Videos look

I have a couple of videos of me throwing about a 51mph, 52mph Knuckle Ball. These are not my best but you can see some movement on these. Usually mine break like in these videos “downward”. But every so often I get one or two with a slider like movement. Or one with a 1-7,1-8 type movement. Tell me what you guys think. Mind you I was using a crappy ball with bad seams/faded seams. And it was only 50 degrees out. Those of you who are K-Ball fans now that a brand new ball and a hot day with some wind will make your knuckler unhittable. Oh and about the tree, My little brother was filming this, he is 12 and cannot catch these, My parents are spilt up so my dad cannot catch for me, and my stepdad was with visitation with his kids. So I had to make due and yes use a pine tree. :slight_smile: lol

Oh and here are both of the videos. Tell me which one you think is better.

Second one definitely, really nice movement

Thanks, I really liked it too. I have been throwing it for about 6 years now and I think I picked up some things along the way. If you are interested in learning it and need help E-Mail me at of leave me a post here. I might post a couple more K-Balls. What do you think? When I throw them I get average break 8-12in. And sometimes when I throw them with all I have 18-20in. Ofcourse when I throw them with everthing I got it’s like 57-58mph knuckler. This one here was about 51mph is what I think my friend clocked it at. Thanks for the feedback I may post some more videos later. Their up on my website if you want to visit it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Second one had some good movement. How long did you experiment with the pitch before seeing some success?

Well, I have throw it for about 6 1/2 years. So I have really learned to take spin off of it. But after about the first 4-5 months I seen break as large as 7-9in. Although the closer you can throw it to the Knucklers optimal speed for movement, 72MPH the larger it will move. I wish I would have had a camera after shcool today, I threw about 30 K-balls and had breals as large as 2 feet. I also had a couple of 11-4 movement which for me is rare to get opposite movement. I had alot of 2 footers straight down, off the table. But today I also used a brand new ball, which has “Higher Seams” better for catching air. The ball I used in the video had barely any raise on the seams. Today I had a good tumble on the ball, “Foward Spin”. I will try to get a video of a couple of my best Knucklers. But I have to get a new ball first, and throw it harder so you can see it better and larger. The one in the video are some of my average K-Balls, not to big of a break, but still moderate 8-12in break, which isn’t that bad for a highschool K-Ball. Wait untill I catch some windy day and film.