Videos Games: thumb/forearm/elbow injuries

The Detroit Tigers are convinced Joel Zumaya suffered a forearm injury due to excess video gaming specifically a Playstation 2 game called “Guitar Hero”. I’ve read that other games may cause blisters, wrist and elbow tendonitis.

Anyone have an injury they could link to this…


In the Cubs organization, HALO was the game of choice. All the players played it and there were no injuries. In fact, in Spring Training at the hotel, there’d be 24 or more guys on eight or 10 TVs in one room playing video games. And to be honest, I always got the impression that the Cubs staff didn’t mind it (they even encouraged it) because if guys were playing video games, they weren’t running around Arizona getting into trouble or staying out late partying.

Me? I started a baseball pitching website you might have heard of :slight_smile:

I wish I were kidding…

Just how much control over a pitcher does an organization have after they agree to pay him 120 million for the next ten years (ZITO)? Zumaya is going to get a ton of money in a few more years if he stays healthy. I live close to the Tigers AA Erie Seawolves Team where Verlander et al pitched. How much micromanagement goes on at that level where the prospects develop?