Just looking for anything that I can improve on over the offseason, thanks

Let me know what you think

Whats with the knee brace?

Torn meniscus a little more than a year ago

Do you have any issues?
What is your deal? As in your goals, what you want to accomplish…are you short of those goals…?
I like your motion…nice and smooth…you finish smooth… I might have a little on the arm action but if everything is going your way no need to change…you’ve got a nice athletic, efficient delivery…(Without a mound and only seeing 2 pitches that is).

No real issues just trying to find things to improve on, as for goals nothing specific, just seeing if there might be anything in my motion that I’m doing wrong or could be doing better to improve basic things such as velocity, or control etc.

I think you could improve your glove side by keeping the glove up in front until foot plant and then turning it while moving your chest to the glove. That will allow you to keep the shoulders closed longer and rotate later and, hopefully, more explosively.

I agree with Roger. Here is a cue: “Let the glove arm lead the throwing arm”. This should help with maintaining dynamic balance if you have issues with that.

Roger and XV nailed it. Better control on the glove side will help you stay balanced and will keep all that energy you’ve created moving toward the target.

I see exactly what youre saying… thanks guys

For the surface that your working off of - your solid. The glove suggestion will help you greatly.

Also, when you commit by step’d to the back/side with your left leg, you have a tendency to slide - move - sufffle your pivot foot. This action by moving your pivot foot can cause progression issues futher up the body.

Once your pivot foot is placed, simply turn lightly on the heel and set the pivot foot next the rubber (or whatever your using) - keep it that way. Try and concentrate on not drag’g, sliping that foot to the left or right. This is very important during your windup. During the set motion, rarely do you have the chance to move the pivot foot.

Nice form and delivery though. Very nice.

Coach B.