(Video Review) The Inverted W- Can you fix it?

I don’t agree that it is necessarily a flaw but that guy on the right is way off timing wise so yes speeding his delivery would tend to fix that.

Inverted w isn’t a problem and isn’t a greater risk factor for injury. It’s just a way to say ones mechanics are better than this injury prone pitcher(who uust so happens to have an inverted w).

Does that explain the injuries (or elbow injuries specifically) of all the other pitchers with inverted abc’s… No.

There are many more factors one could name than just 1 which always is the case with pitching mechanics.

For example:

Threw too many curveballs/forkball/etc at a young age.
Supination on the fastball or throwing around the ball.

I don’t really like the drag in titles or pitching emails

I agree with what you’re saying to an extent. But I don’t believe it’s just a matter of moving faster either.

The question becomes, what triggers the timing? What allows a pitcher to move faster and more efficiently?

This is why I try to do it one guy at a time. The guy on the right appears to need to be broken back down to basics…but he may have been exaggerating for the effect you needed.
I agree sometimes just speeding the flow will correct flaws but to generalize, I’d really only be working this angle on a younger player. A player as old as you show in the vids would necessitate other techniques (Beating him with a tennis racket comes to mind… :wink: ).