Video Pitching Mechanics HELP

Mechanics, prlly 70% effort, just check out the general mechanics and point out the obvious.

17 years old 6’2" 155lbs, clocked at 79mph highest fastball.

side view

back view

front view

Do you have any elbow -problems?

nope i havent pitched much stopped after 10th grade so didnt play my junior year and im play a rec league now so i can get time pitching.

so i havent had enough time pitching really to get any injuries from it.

why do u ask? mechanics that bad?

looks like u catapult the ball is what im guessing mcovey is referring to

so tahts bad for ur elbow? any tips to fix my mechanics anything specifically i should do since im kinda in a building my mechanics from the ground up phase?

i see what ur saying looks like i have a slow arm, and my arm is low once i break my hands, should i be keeping my hands higher right after the hand break?

The most glaring fault you have is what many people refer to as “long-arming” the ball. This means that your arm rotates through your shoulder socket with very little bend in your elbow. Bad for the shoulder and terrible for velocity. You should focus on flexing your throwing arm, keeping your elbow just below shoulder height and starting your elbow toward the plate before the ball. You need to also focus on leading with your hip and creating more hip-shoulder separation. There are many good threads focusing on these topics.

thanks man so, leading with the hip how do i do this correctly and flex my arm, what keep my elbow high and and throw the elbow forward first?

are there any drills to practice this, any drills to get rid of this “long arming” motion, and any drills to get more hip and shoulder separation.

My standard response is to seek out a competent pitching instructor because poor mechanics can cause injury. If you can’t do that then go to this website:

I don’t know Chris but I really like his site and think you can get a lot from it.

okay thanks man im gonna read up and practice some more, if im hitting 79-80 with bad mechanics ive gotta have something in me, thanks for ur help made me aware of some things i havent noticed.

ive got a game tomorrow, ill update on how i do.

Yeah thats what i was referring to. I know used to get elbow pains all the from throwing over the top and having my elbow less than 90 degrees when about to release. I now throw more 3/4 which opend up the arm to about 160 degrees. Kinda bad explaination but i tryed :smiley:

yeah i feel more natural throwing 3/4 but i felt i had bad mechanics so i tried to rebuild reading up on books and online, ill post a video of what my old mechanics are like i have a picture from my freshman year pitching in a game and i see ur point with leading with the elbow, and in that picture im throwing 3/4 and my elbow is leading but the negative of my old mechanics are i throw across my body and sometimes dont get on top of the ball, and i slice it but on the radar gun…

old mechanics with 3/4 release = 79mph
new mechanics with overhand release = 72mph

if that means anything?

now if im throwing 79mph at 6’2" 155lbs and im throwing across my body (right handed = stepping more towards third base) does this mean im not fully opening my my hips and shoulders? and losing velocity and control? the main reason for me thinking of changing my mechanics was because i was struggling with control. im thinking the throwing across the body issue could be killing my control and losing me a couple mph?

any thoughts? ill post a video within the hour

Old Mechanics… 79mph off a mound

New Mechanics (trying to fix that Long arming Problem, trying to lead with the elbow and get my hand up idk fi u can see a difference, help me some more please.)

and i hit 77mph and 75mph off flat ground today trying to head with my elbow and keep my arm at a better angle when i break my hands and stop “long arming it” anyway i hit 77 and 75 of flat ground or slightly uphill and the rest were mostly 71mph and 72mph so there is something that im doing only once in a while in my mechanics that im able to run the mph up.

is it okay to kinda delay urself at the leg lift and pause at the top than explode down and towards the plate?

About the pausing at the leg lift. You see many different pros doing different things. Like for example Dice K or basically anyother Asian pitcher ( no racism intended) has a slow leg kick freezes and then explodes out. Then you see guys like lincecum or oswalt basically shorter pitcers just explode and pitch in one motion basically i think depends on your body frame. I like pitching just one motion fast leg kick and explode immidietaly at the peak of the leg kick. But it really just depends on how you feel.

okay thanks, i feel a little more comfortable with a little pause, the little pause seems to get rid of this long arming problem next time i throw ill post a vid and u can tell me what u think, thanks.