Video of mechanics

Hello, I’m a 6’4” 175 Junior C/O 2020 that sits 80-83 and tops out at 85. the link is a video of a couple pitches. Aspiring to go to a small D1 or D2 college in the Carolinas. Any positive or negative feedback is appreciated. thank you.

Looks good but if I were reccomending any d1 schools I would say look up north. D1’s in the Carolinas at every level including lower and mid d1 look for more 83-86 and touching 87 and 88. You could definitely go to a lower d1 in the northeast but schools in the Carolinas like Winthrop and UNC Asheville or Greensbourough are looking for more. You have good stuff and you’re projectavke which is good though.

Right now, not DI. You need to put on about 30 lbs. Leg and back work will put on the easiest weight. Explosive exercises that work the whole body. I see one thing that stands out that is probably robbing you of some velo. It looks like your “push” leg is staying back too long. It is a timing thing. That leg needs to clear quicker because it’s hindering your hips from fully rotating down the mound. I don’t know what to tell to fix it other than to point it out and you try to release it quicker. I looked at it again and it looks like there is very little push from the back side. It’s as if you are just falling forward. Maybe someone else can take and look and give you advice on fixing that. Other than that, the mechanics are pretty clean. Look into the Core Velocity Belt and maybe going to see Lantz Wheeler. He has the best information out there on getting more velo. Good luck.