Video of me

Alright I got a video of myself. Please don’t be too hard on me becasue I know I look bad real bad like I have never pitched bad. I think that my biggest problem is my leg lift I would like some help with that. Also keep in mind that this is on flat ground, I know that I have to finish lower but its harder than on the mound. And part of this was working on different deliverys

you’re doing the right thing coming here…I’ve got some great advice so far for my kid

Keep working it and watch others on here with the vid and practice, practice and practice

good luck and have fun with it


If you look at the video clips of pro pitchers (on this site), you will see the knee lifts all look different. Different pitchers lift their knee different heights and in different directions (some straight up toward the front shoulder, some up and back toward the back shoulder, and some mostly back toward 2B). You need to figure out what works best for you. To do that, you simply need to experiment. But I’d recommend doing this experiementing while actually throwing a ball.

Based on what I saw in your video, you are still trying to figure out the sequencing - the “what happens when” part. And that is the first part to learn. Again, this will come with experimentation. You can also look at the video clips on this site.

Eventually, you will want to move away from balancing on the back leg and getting motion torward home plate during your knee lift.

Also, you will probably want to keep the front leg/foot pointing toward 3B instead of opening it up and pointing it toward home plate early in your stride.

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