Video of me pitching

Heres a video of me pitching. Comments on my mechanics ect… Please!

[quote=“ChRis M”]hello,
Heres a video of me pitching. Comments on my mechanics ect… Please![/quote]

I couldn’t get it to load.

Nor can I, from 2 different machines.

new link to the same video. Comments please! Thanks!

In general I think you look pretty good…

  • Leg lift is good (maybe a little high).

  • Hips look like they rotate ahead of the shoulders (although possibly not as much as they could, which may be costing you a few MPH).

  • Head seems steady.

  • You finish with your glove at your glove-side pec.

Some people will tell you that you are understriding, but I like it because it helps you get your hips around (which helps you get power from your body and not just your arms). In some ways your stride and leg action resembles what Dr. Mike Marshall talks about (which I think is a good thing but which others will tell you is wrong).

I do think your footwork in your windup is a little weird (unnecessarily complex and possibly technically illegal since you step to the side).

Are you having any problems?

thanks for the reply! Im not having any problems with my pitching i just wanted another oppinion on my mechanics. What would i have to do to make it able to be viewed frame by frame? About the footwork, im not to sure what u mean, when im on the rubber, i have my feet pointed slightly to the right, not pointed straight to home. Could that be it? Thanks alot!

It’s not a big deal. I was able to get close by quickly pressing the Play and then the Pause buttons.

Most of the pros that I have seen tend to step directly backwards in the windup rather than off to the side.

I believe that this is due to this part of the rules of MLB…

8.01 Legal pitching delivery…(a) The Windup Position. The pitcher shall stand facing the batter, his entire pivot foot on, or in front of and touching and not off the end of the pitcher’s plate, and the other foot free…The pitcher may have one foot, not the pivot foot, off the rubber and any distance he may desire back of a line which is an extension to the back edge of the pitcher’s plate, but not at either side of the pitcher’s plate. With his “free” foot the pitcher may take one step backward and one step forward, but under no circumstances, to either side, that is to either the first base or third base side of the pitcher’s rubber.

Have you ever had any problems with your elbow or shoulder?

Injury and pain wise, no. But latley i noticed (and other people as well) that im like straight arming the ball. As soon as i break my hands im dropping my arm right down below my waist. I dont have the bend in the elbow that im suppose to have. Its weird, during our pre season workouts i was throwing really well but as soon as we started throwing outside my arm tightend up and diddnt have the bend it use to.

ChRis M
It’s very difficult to get a good understanding of your mechanics for the following reasons:

  1. The frame rate is too low, probably 15 fps or less. 30 fps is the minimum useful frame rate for pitching.
  2. The front view is too far away
  3. You need a clip from the open (3rd base) side.

That being said, what I do see is that you are getting very little hip rotation. It is stunted, or held back by your back leg action. The back leg flies out to your right as you throw. This is probably due to a couple of things. Firstly, you have very little forward centre of gravity motion. You tend to stop this motion early and lean to your left. At release, your chest is well behind your support leg. It really needs to be further forward (approximately over the front foot). Also at release, your back knee is tucked in beside (almost) your front knee. This indicates a lack of contribution of the back leg to rotation of the back hip. Your back hip finally comes around AFTER the ball is long gone.

My recommendation(s):

  1. Use your back leg to fuel the rotation of the back hip around the front one. Just as you are about to turn the front foot over to land, rotate/spin the back knee/leg/foot, driving the back hip. This, along with the action of the core, will help your hips rotate into landing. DON’T pull that back knee forward as was the recommendation by some in the past and still is now. Just think about it. How can it help with hip rotation when it does that?

  2. Once that front foot has landed, the shoulders rotate with the chest thrusting forward. This results in an arching of the spine. Then, as the lower arm is to come forward to release, the torso then flexes forward, assisting with the acceleration of the arm.

  3. The back knee should be fully rotated, because of the full hip rotation, and should NOT be pointing out to the side, as is the case now. It should be oriented such that it points downward.

Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll send you some video clips of Clemens, Nolan Ryan, Kevin Brown, etc. to illustrate what I’m saying.

I just realized that.

I read everywhere that I needed to open the hips BEFORE the shoulders. But the thing was how?
I couldn’t do it. Then I was practising my moves, without actually throwing a ball, and I realized that if I turned my back knee/foot/leg the hips would open without the shoulders opening at the same time.

I mean, what I was trying to do before was to turn the hips by forcing it to turn. But I just realized that you can do it effortlessly by just turning that back leg.

I found out that by 10 minutes and then immediately searched this forum for “back leg” to see if I was right and I found this post. I still didn’t have the time to try this out with throwing the ball, but as soon as I head down to the practising field I will come back and post what was my result.