Video of me pitching

Hey I was wondering if I could get any tips so positives and negatives on my mechanics.

Good balance on post, I would like to see your glove side more out in front vs heading toward the ceiling on the hand break. You could also get a little flatter back on release, you might get your right wrist to end over your left knee to work on this. Could also use some bucket drills to get the back leg a little higher at the end to help with the deceleration.

Not to be crappy about it but none of these pitches look to be 80 mph. Also what about some stretch?

Next time could you crop it down to 2-3 of your best pitches, almost 9 minutes of video I was expecting to see something a little different through the video.

I got gunned thereā€¦ Was hitting 80 on full speed of course I want on the 3 quarter speed.

So the video is you pitching 75% power, then why are we looking at that, so many pitchers mechanics change when they throw at game power! Get a couple of pitches of you from the front, back and 3rd base side then we can really have a look.