Video of me pitching

this one if from the full, i will post another one from the stretch when its uploaded

1 tip. It looks like when you deliver you swing your leg up rather than lifting it up, and you bend back a bit towards 1st base. Might not affect you a lot becuase you maintain your balance well, but could cost a bit of power and control.

thanks, so i should just lift my knee up, yea, i kinda suspected that, next thing after that that i have to work on is my arm action, i dont have much whip action, and if i can get this down well, hopefully i could get 90 before i go to all my camps in august and september, anybody else have any suggestions

How hard do you throw now? I doubt any mechanical changes you make will benefit you more than 4-5mph.

87-89 mph

I saw this too.

[quote=“Tanner Lorenz”]
this one if from the full, i will post another one from the stretch when its uploaded[/quote]

Looks pretty good to me…

  1. Nice striding sideways.

  2. Glove-side knee stays flexed.

  3. No obvious signs of rushing.

  4. Hips seem to rotate ahead of shoulders.

The only thing I see (aside from kicking the leg out) is a sign of pulling your head off the target as your shoulders come around. This is often caused by trying to throw too much with the arm and not enough with the body.

Do you sometimes have control problems?

This will come if you keep working on throwing with your body and not just your arm.

Remember Casey Fossum…

i will have some problems with control every once in a while, but overall its pretty good, would you recommend this

I think the arm action is coming along very well. Without being able to pause the video, frame by frame, it’s impossible to really see if you’re getting to full external rotation. I think the whip is looking pretty good actually. A couple of things you might want to consider. The others here are correct about your leaning back toward first base. You’ve always had this. Try keeping your chin from lifting up as you begin your shoulder turn. Posture is important. The second thing is to get more “toward the plate” movement with your chest thrust as the shoulders are squaring and the elbow is coming forward. This may help with the whip also. The third recommendation is to be more aggressive with your sideways stride earlier. It’s fairly slow at the beginning. This sideways build up of momentum is critical in giving you the energy to hand off to the hips and upward. Just don’t do it by collapsing on the back leg and doing a “drop 'n drive”.

The leg kick is a little aggressive but I don’t think it’s affecting your balance. It wouldn’t hurt though Tanner to concentrate on it being a knee lift as opposed to a foot kick. This is a very small issue for you and I’m not going to dwell on it.

I’d focus on the head not flying backward, the stride tempo and also the chest thrust. Your arm action is looking good. Nice work!!


I don’t see how it could accomplish anything useful. In fact, I can’t even see how it accomplishes what it says it accomplishes.

Tanner, if you upload the video to , then we can download it and look at it frame by frame for a better analysis. there ya go

I just took a quick look at it.

It doesn’t look to me like your hips are rotating as far ahead of your shoulders as they could. That means you are probably throwing a few MPH below your maximum.

PAS elbow never goes above level of shoulders, which is good.

I don’t see any signs of rushing. Your shoulders don’t start to turn until your glove-side foot plants.

I like your arm swing. It looks nice and long, which should help to protect your shoulder.

Your stride looks good. You do a very good job of striding with your foot just skimming the ground and keeping your hips closed as long as possible.

I’ll try to look at it more tonight.