Video of HS kid throwing 98 MPH

Every time we turn on the TV it seems that Bryce Harper is there. What does he do that separates himself from others? Run his mouth, yes but not the point.

His ability to manipulate the hips is what separates him from others. I just received a video a few months ago with a HS guy that throws it upwards of 98 mph and it was shocking the similarities in movement patterns this guy shares with Bryce Harper. THe kid is Lance McCullers, he’s maybe 6’ and 180 at best and ended up being a 1st rounder to Houston.

The ability to control the center mass allows these guys to hit the ball 500 ft and throw it 97 mph. I just put this out, ENJOY!

Here’s his under armor video. This video says he is 6’2 195

perfect game says he’s 6’2 205

Don’t believe everything you see on a roster :slight_smile:

Regardless, his size is irrelevant

The link is now open, sorry!