Video of good infieder's thrower's mechanics?

I was wondering what sort of throwing mechanics are good for infielders?

Mechanics meaning the entire body and things like shorter arm circle for throwing, flicking the wrist at the release, pushing with back foot?

But what I’m really looking for is a .gif or a good video of an MLB infielder throwing or of any instructional videos on it.


I’m asking this because I currently on a rehab throwing program and I working on making my mechs more efficent and less stressful on my arm (specifically the elbow…sprained UCL is what actually happpened)

This might help:

Do you, or are you, instructed to use an elastic brace on your arm, especially at the elbow? If not an elastic brace, do you use an “ace bandage” or similar support for your arm/elbow? It’s important?

Braces, of any kind, on the body have a way of directing an athlete’s attention span to focus on the braced location - overly so, and thus requires careful scrutiny by a coach, specifically trained and knowledgeable, so the athlete in question doesn’t compensate and shift the training load to other parts of the body.

If you just trying to maintain your physical fitness, that’s one thing. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get a specific part of your body -the arm, back in shape after recuperating from an injury, just be careful to follow the guidelines of those professionals in charge of your recovery. Don’t go off on your own and …" well now, let’s see what I can do here???" The suggested video of an infielder … fielding, is very good. All textbook moves and performance. But, he’s in top physical shape. He’s done this probably thousands of times. Just be very careful and reasonable with yourself on this.

I’ve seen my fair share of pitchers try “go it” on their own, and wind up counteracting the very process designed to get them better. Just be very careful and sensitive with your work. It’s important.

Coach B.