Video of 16 yo pitcher

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He seems to get good separation and seems to open his hips before his shoulders. Not sure how forceful his hip rotation is or his drive to the plate.

These are all 240 FPS, I should shoot some at lower speed like 30 FPS.

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My suggestion is to keep up what-ever it is you are doing.


I do agree that he looks very good. Lower body is right where it needs to be. All the things that i mentioned in that previous post are there. Upper body looks really good too. It appears the arm stays connected to the spine throughout the whole delivery. Doesn’t have elbow above shoulder, forearm flyout, crossing of acromial line, or elevation of distal humorous which is what they look for.

The one pick i have is the arm recoil. You need to ask him where he gets pain first off, and let him know that he should be totally honest. Pain/discomfort is where inefficiencies begin. If he does have pain in the back of the shoulder, then he needs pronation work in my opinion. You will get that at Wolforths if you plan on going sometime this summer. So first off, ask where he gets pain, and then we can go from there.

I will ask him if he experiences any pain or discomfort.

I am looking into complementing his program by incorporating ideas from others like Kyle Boddy. We’ve done weighted balls and long toss. Most just going over and over about separation and learning to turn the hips before the shoulder and to get moving as soon as leg lift starts, avoid stalling over the rubber.

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Why does he bury his head down while he’s delivering and finishing his pitching cycle?

From my experience a pitcher who gets into this habit is what I call a “launcher”. In other words a pitcher “launches” the ball with really no witness of where the ball is going. This is also an early sign of muscle immaturity in the body’s core.

Have this pitcher work more on developing the shoulders and core muscles with diet and nutrition, and light exercises. His tall slim frame should be monitored closely after a lengthy pitch count during an inning (beyond 25). That one inning pitch count is only a suggestion.

Coach B.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I agree, he has a tendency to look down, something we’ve been working on. His posture goes off at times - leads with head instead of hip, pulls head to left to try to put more on pitch.

He’s working with a trainer now, I’ll pay closer attention to see what he’s doing with him to be sure he’s hitting the core hard enough.

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions.


Those are key indicators of fatigue, obviously John’s nailed it…when the conditioning fails, it materializes in mech breakdown, this is a great assist for the dad/coach who is monitoring development.


Going to switch back to previous trainer who himself is a pro boxer but understands that a pitcher needs a strong core. Also mentioned rotational strength when I spoke to him.

My son is 16 yo and just added 8+ inches in height in about 18 mos.

Kids on his travel team call him gorilla arms because of the length of his arms - his legs are also very long.

Incredible natural flexibility too.

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