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Hey guys,

My name is Troy and I’m a current pitcher and hitter at the collegiate level. I had Tommy John in high school and have come back to add 15mph using professional coaches such as Dick Mills as well as the Baseball Rebellion.



How can you make a guarantee of anything without seeing something first?


I’m confident in what I do. There aren’t many pitchers out there that do everything correctly and can’t add velocity. If you literally had everything correct, I wouldn’t make things up to work on. So in a sense you are right, but I don’t think there are many pitchers reading this that are perfect mechanically. Thanks for your reply.


I’m all for entrepreneurship and have schemed a couple times on a similar idea, but I think this post is against the very nature of this forum.

There are many very knowledgeable, experienced forum members here who are willing to do a lot of what you are offering for free. I run a small side business as a pitching instructor after my day job, but I feel this isn’t the forum to promote that business or try to charge others for my knowledge. This community is great because everyone offers their wisdom out of a love of learning and the game of baseball. I don’t think it should start being a Craigslist for instruction services.

Just my conservative two cents.


You’re in a saturated market of one side wanting, the other side offering.

Not that I wish you ill-will, but before you venture into this business, consider the professional and personal liability risk at this “arm’s-length” relationship you offer. You will be dealing with a ton of unknowns from those that you will be interacting with - not in person/hands on. The agendas that parents will bring to the table will astound you at the eleventh hour and out of nowhere.

Besides all this, the trend in what your doing doesn’t see the light of day beyond 18 months into the venture. I know. Over the last 25 years I’ve been asked over and over again - “how do I do this coach and make a buck out of it.” Add to all that, this web site does what you’re doing - basically, and has for years. Not that it’s perfect, but it’s free and matches the on-again/off-again attention spans of a high percentage of those that visit.

Making a buck in the coaching realms of this sport is a thankless and long drawn out process. Doing that as a money making venture is one of the toughest things you can do. Did I mention thankless.

Coach B.


If people want a knowledgeable look at their delivery, I am offering that to them. Putting in what I know and what has molded me into what I am. I don’t believe everyone offering this is the same, not even close. If you are not interested, that’s fine. I am simply offering.


I am not charging anyone for your knowledge. If you do not like my post, that’s fine.



Troy - Certainly glad to have you on the forum and look forward to learning from your experience. Please note that promoting your pitching analysis/lessons are prohibited per our Six Reasonable Rules. Also taking discussions “offline because it’s easier” is prohibited. The point of the discussion forum is to share on the forum so that all can participate, contribute and learn. I hope that you can abide by the rules because I think you’ve got a lot to offer to the discussions.