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You lead with your front shoulder. That will make it difficult to get good hip and shoulder separation and late shoulder rotation. And that will rob you of velocity.

Try to lead with the front hip and keep head and spine slightly behind the front hip into foot plant.

I have heard much of this concept of leading with the front hip. Now my question is how to go from where I am now to leading with the front hip. Should I simply try to keep my head and spine perpendicular to the ground longer (tall and fall), or is there some lower body drill that I could do to fix this. I definately know what the problem is, I am just trying to brainstorm how to successfully correct it. Would more pushing off the rubber help or hurt this problem?
Thanks for all your help

suppose to go legs first then body. you want to stabilize the entire body on the fall. so when you land its like taking a set everything goes in unison. get more posture on your pitches.

There is a drill you can do whereby you stand about a foot away from a chain link fence or padded wall, lift your knee, and stride into the fence/wall by pushing your hip out. The front hip should be the first part of your body to contact the fence/wall. Lots of reps of this will help you get comfortable doing it.

You can also practice this using the towel drill, the cross-over drill, and normal bullpen pitching.