Video editing website

An acquaintance of mine told me about this site.

Since I’m not a coach, I wouldn’t have any use for it, but he allowed me to have access to some of the things he’d done for his pitchers, and I was quite impressed indeed. You can take the “Learn More Tour” for yourself.

I can certainly see how a college or well heeled HS would certainly want to have it, but I’m afraid its well out of the reach of most HS’s, especially in these economic times. However, I can certainly see a fair amount of dads dropping that kind of cash. After all, if a dad is willing to drop several hundred for a stupid gun that literally does nothing either qualitatively or quantitatively to improve his child, I’d think they’d be lining up to grab a piece of this. :wink:

And how about that great private coach so many people like to brag on. Well, at the prices they charge, if a private coach doesn’t have this or something like it, I’d dump him/her like a hot rock.

Below is a pic I took of what it looks like when you see an edited vid.