Video Analysis -- Zeb Landsman



Welcome. Good size and you do a lot of things well. I’d like to see you generate even more momentum down the mound. See if you can be a little more compact with your leg swing up and down. That quickness will help you get your butt/body down the mound quicker, and your head out farther over your stride foot upon release. And it will also help you finish with a flatter back – both are signs that you’re moving quickly and generating good momentum


Looks good to me Zeb!


Pull your glove hand in harder. Tuck it right into your armpit. This guarantees your not ‘open’ and will close you up and you wont be stressing rotator and elbow. Stride was good but finish more forward, your plant was good but you decelerated and held up.


Thanks Steven (love your book and daily pitching tips). When I talk to me son about getting down the mound quicker and head out farther, is it better to emphasize pushing off the rubber harder to get a longer stride or reaching further down the mound with the stride foot? (Or something else?) These seem like different ways to think about it.


Pretty far away but looks like he’s dropping his glove. Would work on equal & opposite. Would be great to hear @roger input.


I agree with Steven about needing more momentum. Front leg/foot swings out pretty fast and draws your attention but if you focus on his belly button you’ll see it doesn’t move much - especially early in the delivery. I’d suggest focusing on pushing his front hip towards the target sooner and faster. Use his back foot drag line (line in dirt created by his back foot after it turns over and drags away from the rubber). Shoot for creating enough momentum to result in a drag line that is 2 of his shoe lengths long.

I also agree with Pitcher17 about needing better glove side control. Looks like his glove flies open and then drops - these two motions can pull the front shoulder open early and can affect posture. Try to maintain an “equal & opposite” position until front foot contact.


As Steven says, you need to finish with a flat back that is a result from increased forward momentum generated through your lift and stride. Once you firm up on the stride leg, your upper half will still want to be moving forward during trunk rotation. Emphasizing a forceful release to go along with increased momentum, high torque trunk rotation, and a desire to fire through the release will result in more trunk flex and a flatter back.


Definitely driving off the back leg. Reaching with the front leg is bad and it needs to be more passive. Reaching with front leg reduces core torque. Look at people like chapman and lincecum and have insanely long strides. They all push tons of force of their bag les to get their.