Video analysis needed! I'm trying to improve velocity][img][/img

Please tell me what you see.


your trying to stride for long, ruining your arm rhythm.

Balk. :slight_smile:

Body action too linear. Not enough rotation. Too much thought of taking the chin to the target. No intent to throw hard.

search Fred Corral username in this sight… D1 coach who posts here.

In a recent post he had video & or discussed a drill/routine where his pitchers go “fast” on part of their bull pens. By “fast” I mean they try to increase the time to release point by I’m guessing 10-15%.

That may help you establish more intent.

I’d look at pelvic loading & ground/force reaction as areas to compliment what KyleB advised.

I really like a lot of your mechanics. In starting/stopping your vid clip there are a lot of good things going on there!