Video Analysis - Beck Johnson


Thanks, GreenMonster. We’ve been working on pushing off more for a longer stride in response to the comments here about the video. However, in response, he now seems to be letting his arm hang down longer before initiating the throwing motion, which effectively maintains the poor timing. I think he’s just gotten used to his arm being “late,” and he’s adjusting his arm action because that feels right to him. Any advice on drills or other ways to get him used to what it feels like to have your arm in the right position at foot strike?



Sorry I just saw this.

  1. While the pitchers arm is in MER, his front leg should extend up by driving through the ground. Here is Sonny gray at FFS

And here he is in MER

See how he lands wjth a bent front leg, and then it’s extended? This sends tons of energy up the chain into the arm.

  1. yes. Reaching with the front leg hurts stride length. When a pitcher reaches out, he (typically) forces his hips to open early, which means he rotates off the back before he would early and loses a ton of energy.


I don’t know about any drills really, sorry. He should feel like once his foot lands, his arm immediately lays back into maximum external rotation, versus if it’s late, he will fell it wait and try to get to 90 degrees. Hope this helps. Sorry about the late reply I didn’t get the email notification or something happens to it


Okay, thanks. By the way, what exactly is “external rotation”? I see the term a lot, but have never quite understood it.


So when your arm is up in the full cock position that is 90 degrees of external rotation. When the arm lays back (the fore arm is about parallel to the ground) that is called maximum external rotation. At the point, you should optimally be at 180 degrees, but some people have less and are around 160


There is a difference between landing with a slightly bent front knee with flex and still being firm. The way he finishes with the bent front knee is called ‘chasing his front side’. Think about it like driving in a car without a seatbelt…if you hit a wall going 80 mph you would fly through the windshield…well the wall in your delivery is the firm front side…the energy throughout my delivery that has been built up is what flies through. You should not think about getting ‘extension’…its a myth and damages the body…extension is another term for pushing the ball. You release the ball at the highest point…its physics…you cannot throw the ball out front nor would you want to. Its a full pull against a firm front side.

Think about staying tall in the backside…not straight up and rigid but taller in the back knee.

Marry the head to the inside of the landing foot and that will clean up directional issues created by rushing off the rubber.


Maybe pics help. This is my understanding of MER.