Video - 12 year old Pitcher

Any help/input would be appreciated.


What sort of help do you think he needs?
I think his delivery is solid for a 12 yr old…better than most. Of course he’s not on a mound but the delivery looks fundementally sound. Maybe just a tad of front side work with the glove side arm.

Just looking for advise on some things to work on. Not to long ago he was stepping into the bucket and he has fixed that to some degree, it was very pronounced at the beginning of the season. Should he tuck his glove and pull or just take his chest to the glove? Thanks

I like equal and oppoisite, he gets there but doesn’t maintain it…not bad or good, just something to work on…his delivery looks smooth…on grass/no mound. Put him on a mound for future analysis. Footwork will be something he needs to always be aware of and it looks like that is squared away. Tucking the glove is recommended by many…I like getting it out there in front, thumb down at e and o and turning the thumb up and bring the chest to the glove in delivery, what this does is give leverage for the torso to work off of. The person who taught me that way was a HOF coach from a D-1, now he is in the Mets org.