Vida Blue vs. Aroldis Chapman

Though I would post some old school clips of Vida Blue, the nearly 100 mph lefty who was listed at just 6 feet 190 lbs. I immediately saw similarities to Koufax and Chapman. His tempo is ridiculous…as fast or faster than Roy Oswalts at around 17-18 frames from leg lift to release, and his arm action is equally ridiculous, at 13 frames from hand break to release. To give you an idea of just how fast this is, most 95 mph throwers have tempos of 21-23 frames and 15-16 frames from leg lift to release and hand break to release respectively.

He gets the same unbelievable separation that you see in lincecum, koufax, chapman and other small/skinny 100 mph throwers.

"DeSoto High Baseball Coach Clyde Washington recalls that he caught his Centerfielder leaning against one of the light poles. “I told him to straighten up,” says Washington. “He said, ‘Why, Coach? The ball’s not coming out here.’ That’s how much confidence they had in Vida’s pitching. He was overpowering.”

Too overpowering, in fact. In one seven-inning game, he pitched a no-hitter, struck out 21 men—and lost. “Vida’s problem was somebody to catch him,” explains Washington. “There were a lot of passed balls and dropped third strikes.” Blue’s old battery mate, Elijah Williams, remembers that he had to “cut off the fingers of a winter glove and wear that inside my mitt, but my hand still swole up after every game.” Adds Washington: “We bought the best catcher’s mitts and gave him sponges. Still his hand would swell up. He couldn’t catch again for three days.”

how do you think his mechanics compare to chapman, koufax, lincecum?

any other thoughts on how he managed to throw so hard while being so durable?

My favorite game that I ever attended was Gaylord Perry (With the Rangers) throwing against Vida Blue and the A’s in the heyday of the A’s…Vida had just lit up everything in sight his rookie season and at that time was considered the fastest lefty ever to throw on a set…that included Sandy K.
As an adult now and seeing a whole bunch more of Sandy now then at that point…very strange thing is once Sandy was gone you just didn’t hear his name out here on the east coast…Anyway I’d hate to say who was nastier pure smoke for a southpaw.
I will say…Vida was a sight to see…that fella threw smoke…really hard to understand just how fast that ball got to the plate on film…being there and seeing it…I couldn’t figure out how anyone hit him…Even though Gaylord Perry threw a gem and beat Vida, Holtzman and Fingers that night…What-a-great pitching duel for me to see as a kid.
Chapman has Cuban experience so he won’t be intimidated and he’s got the arm for it…we’ll see how it all goes…He’s got great ups and if the Hernandez family is any bellweather he’ll be healthy and around for some time to come…Vida’s career was solid, he did get injured but over 200 wins and over 2000 K’s…17 years…I’d say they may be comparable over time.
I would consider Vida as another great example of intent…He was (Total body) stong, he got mo and he was intent…and had intent.