Vice president & chief umpire managing and coaching a te

Should the Vice President of a Little League and chief umpire manage or coach a team? :? :? :? or is there rules to this? can someone please let me know?

It sounds to me like a conflict of interest.

The only excuse I could think of is lack of volunteers. You didn’t mention which organization charters your association…but I would direct you to their specific site for direct rules. Unless you’re like in Needles or something, I would expect enough people in the association to fill those positions seperately. Now what are you going to do if he has a kid in that age group and he’s traditionally coached him?? I’m sure the board has discussed this…what was their take?

Yes, they can coach. My old coach when we won the championship was the umpire-in-chief of our local league. He was never allowed to ump one of our games though.

Thanks :smiley: yea, I thought it would be alright, but I still feel it is a conflict of interest. Zita Carno and I see it like it is I think. Anyways, thanks for your opinions…