Very very 'Green' pitcher

Hi this is my first post so Id just like to say hi to everyone!

My name is Pete and Im 23 yrs old. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Im a huge fan of America’s best sport (really the other ones dont make much sense to me!)

Ive been invited down for a game with the local baseball team - and it will be my first ever time playing baseball!

I love the pitching aspect of the game - really I feel that that is what baseball is all about. I love the technical pitchers that move the ball and bamboozle the hitters. Im 23, 6foot 1, and around 160 pounds so Im pretty thin and cant see myself ever being a power pitcher - so technical throwing really interests me.

Anyway this will be my first game and I would guess that theyll give me a chance at pitching - so what advice can you give me? Ive checked out Steven’s excellent breakdowns of the types of pitches - Im thinking that Ill practice 2 of those and amybe give them a go?

Really I am sorta nervous but so looking forward to it so can anyone give me some basics?



Well, the 1st two pitches you must master is a fastball and a change up. When you have those done spend some time working on a breaking ball. Remember to change the spotting of your pitches. Remember to JTS (just throw strikes)

Have you ever played cricket?

The key to pitching is to focus on the glove and just let it rip (throw at full speed). You have to ignore everything, especially the batter.

You absolutely do not want to aim the ball or to even think.

Just look at the glove and throw to the glove.

just give it your all man