Very strange pitch

Yesterday I was practicing pitching. I was practicing my slider and cutter. I dont know if Im dillusional but from what I saw, my slider broke 12-6 about 3-4 inches. My curveball does the same but it breaks much more. It was strange that i thought I saw that. Now for the cutter. I have two grips, but with one it seemed as if the pitch cut to the left then cut back to the right. I was shocked at what I saw. I think Im dillusional because Im pretty sure no pitch can do that. I would like you guys/girls to write something about what you think about this.

Here’s what I think. As far as the slider goes, my guess is your slider grip is similar to your curveball. So I’ll bet you threw that pitch like a curveball unintentionally and so it broke similarly to your curveball.

Now as far as the cutter goes, sometimes I throw one that will cut like a 2-seamer unintentionally. I bet what you saw was a pitch that did that, since you expected the ball to cut opposite your throwing hand it created the illusion from your perspective of it snaking, much like a slow knuckleball would.

Thanks. I never thought of it like that.

My guess is you’re using pretty much the same grip for both your curve and your slider, which is no wonder that they’re behaving the same way. I don’t think you want that. What you want to do for the slider is use a very much off-center grip, with just one finger touching a seam—some pitchers will do it with the index finger and others with the middle finger. And when you throw the slider, you need to just roll your wrist, not snap it—think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe; easy does it.
If you want to throw a knuckle-curve (nice pitch), use a knuckleball grip, either two- or three-finger, and throw that pitch with a karate-chop wrist snap which will give that pitch a very sharp break and give the batters conniption fits. There’s a similar situation with the slider—Ed Lopat called it a “slip” pitch, where you use a knuckleball grip (again, either two- or three-finger grip) and throw the hard slider. Try all those things and see the difference. :slight_smile: