Very Lonely at First

At one time, hospitals use to have schools of nursing. Today, I think that’s a thing of the past.

In any event, at the time the bright lights that ran our show decided to increase the gate by offering Nurses day, which meant that every Nurse in their whites would get in free. The idea was to draw those interested in meeting the ladies too. Seemed harmless enough.

There where two major hospitals in the area and each had a nursing school. The young ladies that went to these institutions were very attractive.

The largest of the two institutions was a Catholic hospital. As those young ladies stepped off their bus, the guys on both sides of the field strained to get a glimpse of the pretty smiles, giggles and laughter. All that was dashed as the remaining members of that bus stepped off – five Nuns who kept things in order, caught both benches out of the corner or their eyes, then ushered the ladies in a different direction.

The complimentary seating had all nurses right up front, along both baselines. This gave both benches every opportunity to make small talk with the fans and otherwise mingle. Now this may seem like a great opportunity to make a … “well, how do you do…” but for our first baseman, it was a nightmare.

During the very first inning, our first baseman goes over to the sideline, right near the opposing team’s dugout to field a foul ball, but drops it. Seems like the man was preoccupied with a smile or two in the box seats. The second he drops the ball the other team in their dugout starts to laugh and carry on, including the cop posted their. And if that didn’t top all, our catcher starts to giggle. Our catcher returns to the plate, turns and says something to the plate ump, then he starts to smile and shake his head.

Now here’s the ironic thing of it all. Nuns have an amazing memory – I mean hard core memory. As luck would have it, our first baseman went to a parochial school nearby while growing up. And at that time, the customary way to address a young man was to first address him as “Master…”, like Master John Smith. So, when our boy dropped the ball, it seems that a Nun sitting right there in front of him recognized him and his distractions, then blurted out… “ I see Master Smith that you still can’t concentrate on your assignments”.

It was very lonely out there at first, very lonely.