Verlander's no-hitter

verlander no-hitted my jays yesterday,

he had it working, his fastball hitted 98-100 consistently and i noticed he started it around 92mph for like 1 and a half inning, just to get in his groove, something more pitcher should do, it helps you establish your control and it makes your fastball better second time through line up since they have yet to see the hard one.

dont forget mentionning he threw a change up between 88-90 mph verry effectively and as soon as the game began, i knew something was going to happen to my jays haha. Plus, the blue jays have beeen hitting pop ups a lot in the last few games, i dont know exactly whats going on but its a candle fest out there.

definetly a great pitching performance from verlander and a great call by home plate umpire who called ball on a close pitch to issue the first base runner in the 8th. do not fake perfection, make the pitcher throw it.