?!Venezuelan Pitchers!?

i dont know if its in the water or what but venezuela has come up with a powerhouse of pitchers to the likes of what dominicans have with hitters…

lets see

Kelvin Escobar…

Gustavo Chacin…

Rafael Betancourt…

Ugueth Urbina… (still in jail but used to be a beast)

Francisco “K” Rodriguez (one of the best closers in baseball)

Felix Hernandez (Next Big Thing in a couple of years???)

Carlos Zambrano (Cubs only solid hope in starting pitching and one of the best in NL)

Johan Santana (Nothing else to say)

after being a goldmine for shortstops (Luis Aparicio, David Concepcion, Omar Vizquel) its really become a pitcher dominating country and all the above are examples of this which i think is interesting in noting why, and figuring out if pitching really beats batting in a star studded Venezuela vs Dominican Republic (I know what happened in the WBC, not many took it as seriously as they should)

Any thoughts??

Just a note… i am venezuelan :lol:

P.S. Maybe President Hugo Chavez might join the team


I bet Dominican hitting would generally wreck Venezuelan pitching, with the exception of Santana. Especially if A-Rod decides he’s Dominican again :stuck_out_tongue:

dominican republic because a-rod enjoys changing nationalities

hahaha without counting a-rod hes American! n remember Cuba shut down dominican republic and cuba does not have the pitching venezuela lineup and venezuelas lineup is solid as well

  1. Endy Chavez
  2. Omar Vizquel
  3. Bob Abreu
  4. Miguel Cabrera
  5. Magglio Ordoñez
  6. Victor Martinez
  7. Melvin Mora
  8. Juan Rivera
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera

we also have alex cabrera… franklin gutierrez and others… not saying they have the power of a D.R. lineup but our pitching could keep them from completely blwing out the scoreboard…

They gottem some arms no doubt…what is it about dictators that make them want to pitch…Another book I have that I’ll put on the list when I find it is called “Castro’s Curve”…seems he really was an mlb prospect for a minute back in the late 40’s early 50’s when he was in college…I wonder how the world would be today if he would have signed with someone…I say the arms come from your country but some of the wileyest pitchers come out of Cuba…Las Vegas has a couple of smart ones also (Maddux brothers)…Texas has made a few dillys of pitchers…Ryan, Clemens, Wood…to name just a couple…they like it real hot in Texas. Of course the Japanese might just take issue also with your premise…But your pride is well founded.