Velovity doubt

My son is a lefty, 6’2" and 190 pounds. His velocity is around 72 mph. Is this velocity “normal” for his age? Which would be the velocity range? :?:
:idk2: Thanks for your time.

How old?

age or size?

I would hazard a guess that this “kid” is about sisteen or seventeen years old. At 6’2" and 190 pounds he is probably slower than he should be—he ought to be firing them in there about 85 or 90MPH, that is, if he does indeed throw a fast ball. He needs to work on increasing his speed, and one of the first things he should do is get his whole body into his delivery, driving off the lower half and using his legs, his hips and his torso in one continuous motion so as to get more power behind his pitches. There are drills he could work on, such as the Hershiser drill which aims at getting the hips fully involved.
You didn’t mention his arm angle, and this is something that needs to be looked at—is he using an arm motion that is comfortable for him and that enables him to really throw the ball? And what about his repertoire—his stuff? If I were a pitching coach I would watch him closely as he throws and make some notes as to what he’s doing. The various aspects of mechanics are something that could be worked into the drills; the important thing right now is for him to step on the accelerator rather than the brake. Then he can work on a changeup.

Thanks for your time. I’m sorry for my mistake, my son is 16 years old. During the season he’s doing very well. He has a great curveball and a decent changeup. Also he has a great control. My doubt is his velocity. I think that 72 mph is very poor for him.

Just as I suspected—he’s slower than he should be. He needs to be throwing at least 85-90 MPH. Assuming there’s nothing that prevents him from doing so, there are a number of things he can do. Steven Ellis presents some possibilities on his website, and if you’ll check this out you will find them. 8)

at least 85-90?? haha not many 16 year olds throw in that bracket. thats more like the velocity for high level seniors looking to play DI. If the average major league fastball is 88-91 theres no way a 16 year old would be expected to throw that hard. He still has a few years to mature, work on mechanics and increase his strength.

He’s successful at his level. Don’t get hung up on velocity.

What kind of gun was used to clock him? Cheap guns show a lower velocity when set up behind the catcher.

My boy has been clocked about a dozen times this off season. Stalker guns show him consistently at 84 mph. Cheap guns at 76 mph. He’s a 6-5, 215 junior.

Zita is way off with his 85-90 benchmark for your boy. 76-78 would be good velocity for his size and age.


You fail to mention what the players goal’s are. A decent HS pitcher? JUCO? D3? D1? Depending on your aspirations the answers you recieve may or may not be on target.

If you wan’t to be an “average pitcher” that might end pitching a few innings on the varsity, 72 is fine. The average HS senior tops at 78, and this is the track you are heading for.

If you want to be a “blue-chip” type player then Zita’s comments are right on. 85-90 is where you ought to be. If you don’t believe this range to be realistic I invite you to wtch the 16u East Cobb Astro’s in Marietta, Ga. ALL off their pitchers range 85-90, with one bumping 93. Within a five mile radius of my house are three sophomores throwing 90+.

Be honest with yourself on your goals. I leave you with this quote: “The difference between where you are and where you want to be is called frustration. Frustration is relieved with action and education. So get learning ad get doing.”