i am 15 and 5’9" and about 142 lbs and i throw about 70 on flat ground how fast should i be throwing and how can i increase my velocity?

throw throw throw… Make sure your playin long toss and working on your mechanics.

Gary it won’t come over night…are you willing to put the time in the off season to get better? Are you willing to spend countless hours on your mechanics. Look through these boards and some others on the internet. I am sure you will find a good throwing program. Also get some J bands along with some 2lb weights. This website has a great program as well.

Do you long toss? IF not I’d recommend getting on a long toss program as well.

Good Luck!

I need advice on how can i get control and how can i increase my velocity im 17 and i want to throw fast and gain control please help me out.

Im almost going to college i need to know wat colleges are good to play baseball in, because this is my dream of becoming a baseball player so if anyone out there help me please.

I also live in the Dominican Republic but born in the United States im playing over here but im going to college ova there dats why im asking for your help anybody please help me out.