how hard should a 15 yr old be throwing?
i just barely turned 15 oct.12.

im sick of these stupid posts. what do you expect someone to say, if you dont throw atleast 75 now then you should stop pitching? everybody is different and everyone gains their velocity at different ages. i have seen monster 14 year olds that were fully developed but didnt throw much harder from 14 to 18. some people get alot of velocity after high school. dont be concerned with how hard other people your age are throwing. dont compare yourself to others just try to make yourself the best.

Ok, well first of all I don’t find this question stupid at all. Repetitive, but not stupid. So someone wants to know how they compare velocity wise to people in their age group. Although I am sure td is right, you probably could have found the exact question with answers somewhere in the forums. Also, do take his word about pitchers developing more velocity at different points in their careers, some people’s bodies do not mature as fast as others. Pitch to your strengths right now, if it isn’t speed then develop control and off speed pitches. Velocity with no control and just a straight fastball will be much less effective than a medium fastball with movement placed in a spot a batter cannot get a good swing at.