Which is the equivalent one for a boy of 9 years that throws
of 53-54 miles per hour to a distance of 46 feet,comparing it
with the distance of 60 feet?

I think, but not sure, that you want to know how fast a 53 MPH pitch at 46 ft would be from 60 ft?

If thats the case, it would probably be in the low to mid 40’s, thats my guess. Idk, its very slow none the less.

I’m not sure what you mean. A 53 mph fastball from 46 feet is still a 53 mph fastball from 60 feet. The ball would get to the plate quicker from 46 feet so the reaction time would be different. This would make a 53 mph fastball from 46 fastball ‘‘SEEM’’ like a 75 mph from 60 feet. I’m not sure if the number really is 75, but it is a higher number because of the reaction time.

I think he is referring to the little mph they always post during the Little League World Series. So if the kid is throwing 73, thats equivalent to 99 mph from 60. They never actually stated what the math behind that is. I would assume they are going on the time from release to plate.

I don’t remember the actual equation that you use. I ran it through a proportion (60xMPH thrown–> that total divided by 46). So 54 mph from 46 feet would equate to 70 mph from 60. That is in terms of time. Speed would not change.

Hopefully someone can tell if that math is correct.

You guys have the right idea. He simply was wondering what the reaction time equivalent would be.

The ratio of 60/46 x mph should do it.