All right I throw a lot. I have a net in my backyard which I throw into from about 60 feet away maybe 70 pitches a day and then I back up until about 120 feet and throw maybe 15 tosses a day is that too much or what do I need to do different to gain more velocity

i think your throwing to much. you dont need to pitch everyday, thats like working with wieghts every day, youll never get stronger.

i throw just regular 6 days a week, and long toss every day,

but thats just me,

i would a longer long toss, 150 ft maybe? but take it gradually, dont go out there the next day 150 ft. and always make sure you throw on a line, its fine if you have to bounce it but throwing it on a line will helps you have good extension and follow though on your pitching.

long toss is the best way to strentghen your arm

A lot of people might not be aware of this—but there’s a huge difference between speed and velocity. Velocity is all about direction, and therefore it’s all about control—placement—whatever one wishes to call it. I would suggest that you focus more on this aspect. My pitching coach used to tell me, “Move the ball around—high, low, inside and outside—and change speeds”—and when he would catch me when I was working on a particular pitch he would position his mitt (and he wasn’t too bad as a catcher, believe me) in different spots and have me use all my pitches for this exercise, to get the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt, and at different speeds as well. You might want to get someone to catch for you and work out this way.

I do a lot of things to increase velocity but the best thing to do is do band(tubing) exercises, and play a ton of long toss every other day.

I would have to disagree, i believe the single easiest (and safest) way to increase velocity is work on solid mechanics.

well that explains why you only throw 70

i do thnk having good mechanics is one of the best ways to get better velocity, but thats not enough. the best way to to increase velocity ( in my opinion) is to have a strong core and to long toss every other day. and a good work out plan is would be great also. something like tuff cuff

I think what explains it is that he’s younger than you and if you feel it’s necessary to insult people over these forums then that tells me that you probably don’t throw very hard either and you are the type that lies over the internet to feel better about himself.

First of all im 16 throwin around mid 80’s which aint bad, and also i wasn’t insulting him, i was saying that if he did certain things such as long toss, tubing exercises, etc. then he probably would throw harder. You just need to chill out, and quit jumping conclusions.