when i pitch with no batter in the box, or during practice, i can throw mid seventies

however, once there is a batter, i lose control and throw it like 40 MPH

any tips on how i can zone the batter out and stay consistent

You go from 70 mph to 40 mph? Thats strange, normally I hear of pitchers letting up just a little to get more command.

Are you trying to overthrow? If you are trying to throw as hard as possible, your mechanics can get out of whack and your muscles are no longer working together to get the most velocity possible out of your movements.

Do you think you can throw strikes? If you do not believe that every pitch you make is going where you want it to go, than that could be a problem. Have confidence in yourself, and trust your stuff. When you are on the mound, you are on the attack, and the batter is the defender. You have to believe that you are going to beat the batter. Have that mindset when you are throwing, not “oh man nothing is working for me, I can’t throw strikes to save my life,” if you think like that, then you wont throw strikes. CONFIDENCE is the key!

Good pitchers train themselves to throw to their target, regardless of what is happening in the vicinity of the target.

In bullpens with no hitter, practice focusing your eyes and your attention on a dime-sized spot in your catcher’s glove. Maintain that focus, with your eyes only on the target throughout your motion–until after you have released the ball.

If you can do this in a hitter-less bullpen session, then have one of your teammates stand in as a surrogate “hitter” in some bullpen sessions…and keep training your eyes and your mind to focus only on a dime-sized spot in the catcher’s glove.

When you are throwing the ball with command under bullpen conditions with a surrogate hitter standing in, you should be ready to focus your eyes and mind in exactly the same way under game conditions.

The only difference to your ability to focus on your target under game conditions might be the presence of baserunners…but that’s kind of a different issue. Compartmentalize pitching to your target in one mental box and put your hold’em close moves to 1st or 2nd base in a different mental box. They are separate issues–you are either going to pitch to your target at home plate with your next throw, or you are going to throw to a bag with your next throw. You need to keep your thoughts about these two different actions separate in your mind, because your body will do what your mind tells it to do. If your mind is confused about what you want to do with your next throw, your body’s actions will be similarly confused.

thank u

you are scared
scared of hitting the batter
if you hit him its just a walk
y be scared

i agree with ryanmin its all in confidence