i am a 16 year old sophomore pitcher (5’11 160 lbs) and i throw right now low 80’s and was wondering just by maturing how much velocity can i gain by my junior season?

be more specific. What do you mean by “maturing” I assume you mean physically, but are you going to start lifting? Or are you letting your body take its natural course. Some more info please :slight_smile:

i already lift, i basically mean just by getting older

As you advance through puberty your body fills out and the muscle structure becomes more defined, this is why many have a velocity jump between certain years. Just waiting for it to happen might not prove beneficial (I know you mentioned you are lifting)…continue to throw and develop your skills, I’d say as your delivery matures you’ll find a few more mph in your arm. The bottom line is that it is hardwork and desire apply those and get results.