well im just starting highschool baseball, and im trying to do everything i can to be competetive this year. One main thing i’m worried about is velocity. I throw about 68-72. I feel like i should/could be throwing harder.

Does anyone have any drills or other things that would help my velocity?

There is no way to gain quick velocity unless your mechs look like BJ Ryan’s.
The only quick way to gain velocity is to do something harmful to you and it’s illegal. 68 mph is fine. Get a vid of your mechs on this site so we can have a look at it.

I don’t really understand anything you just said FutureKaz

He said BJ Ryan is awesome. Steroids make you gain velocity but are illegal. And he said put up a video of his mechs.


Close but no cigar The reason I mentioned BJ Ryan because there is no way to gain quick velo unless your mechs are as bad as BJ Ryan so if he fixes them he will throw harder.