I was wondering if there are any good workout routines for increasing a pitcher’s velocity. I feel that my fastball isn’t traveling fast enough. Also, when I pitch my 2-seam fastball, it seems to have more velocity than my 4-seamer, and it has a lot of movement. Are there any problems with the faster 2-seamer?


In a perfect world, a four seam fastball should be a pitcher’s fastest pitch, but I know of a lot of guys where that’s not the case. My former teammate, Sergio Mitre, Chicago Cubs middle-reliever, is an example. He throws 93-94 mph with good movement throwing the two seamer.

If you’re getting more movement on your two seamer and you feel that the two seam fastball gives you the best velocity, then stick with it all the time. There’s no reason why you’d need another fastball if one’s working particularly well.

A good tool for increasing velocity is long toss. Not “loopy long toss” but long enough toss to where you can get in on a pretty good line. What out pitching coach does is when we extend it out as far as we can go, we throw our hat on the ground and we play a game to see who can hit the hat. Gets your work done and you have dun doing it, + it helps with consistancy with release point