I know velocity isn’t the most important thing, but I was just wondering what the average velocity for a sophemore in highschool was (15 years old)

I just turned 15 (5’6" 125lbs.) and I throw slower than average. I throw mid to upper 60’s. Average is probablly mid 70’s.

I agree: I think the average may be low-70s-or-so. I threw around 76-78. My biggest velocity jump occured during my senior year, where I went from 84 to 88-89 mph, but it wasn’t until two years later – my sophomore year in college – that I broke 90 mph for the first time.

My point is: the development of velocity happens in spurts, and is quite slow for most pitchers.

Agree with the velocities although I’d expect more 15yo sophmores to be 70 to low 70s than mid 70s. 16yo sophmores I’d expect to see in the mid to upper 70s as almost all of them have matured physically by then.

We gunned my just turned 14 freshman last night and he was throwing 69-71 when working on command. We turned him loose and everything was at 71 but no higher. Hopefully that means his max velocity is about to take a little jump.

Usually his max velocity takes a jump and then his working velocity creeps up toward the new max before he takes another jump.

Our kids played for the 7th grade team here last spring. The better pitchers for this age group seemed to throw high 50s , low 60s. So I guess a velocity spurt comes as they mature from 13/14 to 15ish

Go figure … guess puberty is a wonderful thing after all .

puberty is debatable

I was so much faster (footspeed) a couple years ago.

For growth it helps a lot. At the moment I’m reaping the benefits of being fairly tall for my age (5’11"). Not reaping the benefits of mass yet (weighed in at 133, heaviest ever :-), put on around 6 pounds muscle in the last few months) Once weight come’s around I’ll be in heaven.

As for 15 year old velocity (freshman), I would say the average is between mid 60’s to low 70’s, very broad to be truthful.

I’m 15, (freshman) clockin in at between 71-74