Going to go against the grain here with the ideas about velocity. The reason why velocity is so coveted and thus the seemingly most important thing that coaches push is because it is one of the most important parts of pitching. I have found out throughout my years as a player that by focusing on my velocity I have found that I had also been able to become more accurate. The reason being that the more efficiently your throw the harder you throw and the more accurately you throw.

That’s not against the grain at all Priceless. What you found to be true for you, may well be true for some, but not be true for others, because everyone’s situation is different. That’s why I feel its very important for players to receive guidance from many different sources or coaches, and not just use one coach or source as having the only or the best answers for everyone. :wink:

Most ten year olds that I know
only throw in the 40s. Some have gotten up to
almost 55.

I think the speed at 10/11 would be low to mid 50’s as a good solid fastball.

This is my experience as well.

It seams as if the definition of “Thowing heat” has changed over the years.
It wasn’t to long ago that 90mph was thowing heat, now that seams to be the threshold. Today, 95 to a ridiculous 105 is considered heat.

In what is considered to be the year of the pitcher, these guys are not only hitting their spots with great accurracy but at 95 mph also.

It appears you just might need both, accuracy with velocity, not to mention some really good offspeed pitches.

Hitters have gotten better over time and the art of hitting has turned into a science. Guys can time a 100 mph fastball and could probably time a 747 in needed so the need for greater accuracy and greater speed becomes more and more important.

You are probably right.
Personally, I think that young pitchers (lower than highschool)
should concentrate mainly on getting good mechanics, and working on
developing their fastball and a changeup.
Most pitchers don’t need to start throwing breaking balls until highschool at least.

This 10 year old is 15 now… :? But when i was 10 i threw in the lower range. mid 40’s. But i had better than average location so i still got people out

[quote=“halfmike”]Im 13, but my fastball only tops about 55. It might seem low, (and it is) but I mix it with a change-up and it works. :slight_smile:

wow. i finally found someone who throws as slow as me.i feel better now lol. but like you i also throw a change up (palmball) and a 2 seamer with good movement so it all works. the average velocity for a 10 year old is about 40. around 45 for above and 50+ is great. thats pretty young though. dont focus on speed at an age that young. remember. Location first! velocity second. and i guess mixing it up with other pitches is third.

Personally, I feel a 10-year old’s velocity shouldn’t matter. I’m against a child pitching until age 12, and no breaking balls till 15. At 14 as a freshman, I threw 88-90, which evolved into 93-98 as a senior, which ended up getting me a job in baseball. Trust me when I say, don’t harp on things to early. Let the body and mind develop before you get intense with things.