I was wondering what others thought of my fastball. There are some changeups mixed in but just wanted to get some feedback. What kind of velocity does it look like i have?

Honestly with such bad video it’s almost impossible to time your release point, just by gut feeling over 80 maybe 85 but that is a total guess.

I highly doubt 85. Tough to say, but upper 70’s seems reasonable.

You guys are better than me. There’s no way i can tell from a video how fast you’re throwing.

The guy I view as the brightest mind in the pitching world, Paul Nyman, missed badly last year trying to do the same thing. I posted a video of Nick Tropeano whom was featured on Baseball America discussing his jump in velo, often touching mid-upper 90’s. Paul had said that he was closer to 87 with his delivery than 97.

So, if Paul Nyman can’t do it, I surely cannot. Just my humble opinion.

I’m with thinktank.

There’s no way to tell off of a video, you can do all the math you want with watching a clip but it’ll never be accurate enough.

Perfect Game says your FB velocity is 80 mph, measured by radar on October 12, 2012.

Why do you need to ask this question here, with only a video clip to go on?

And that solves that mystery!


Perfect Game is the end of all arguments/debates

I could actually hear crickets chirping :lol:

Sometimes you feel like you are doing better than the one time they had the gun on you…and you want some back-up…it’s frustrating.

I remember one clinic, it was a Christmas clinic and it was somewhat cold. My son was a Jr. and had several times been clocked in the upper 80’s (By PG as a matter of fact)…so anyway they all get a shortened modified pen to show the camp (UNF) their stuff. The facility was covered but open. The fastest guy there (And one I’d seen at 91 multiple times) was at 86, my boy was 82…
We knew…heck UNF knew he was faster…but 82 went into the books (All campers over 14 were considered prospects and so all numbers were cataloged and retained)…the gun is a cruel mistress and guys who know they can throw faster are routinely disappointed…

Alex…from what I could see (Went to full screen and peered hard) you look like you bring it, keep working.
Pay attention to diet and conditioning…particularly this time of year…if you concentrate in those areas now and at the start of the year, when the season starts, you’ll be in great position…

I see you are from sunny Florida. Plenty of competition down there. It is currently 33 degrees and snowing outside in PA. Come the beginning of high school season chances are it will be 33 degrees and snowing outside. And in between…yeah cold and snowing.

Do you realize what an advantage you have? How motivated do you think a guy has to be to keep conditioned during the winter and actually be in shape to start the season? Like motivated enough to carry a shovel to the barn and dig out two feet of heavy snow just to get into an inside facility that is not heated well. Motivated enough to do bullpens in 55 -60 degrees after the heater runs for fifteen minutes. Try to find a pitching coach who is willing to meet you at night after school in those conditions.

You are three years away from college…if you can bring it 80 mph now imagine what focused dedication is likely to do for you. Going from 80 to 85 is way easier than going from 85-90 though. Just realize the uphill climb gets steeper the higher you go until it finally feels like you are rock climbing a cliff.

And if you want to remain anonymous, use a last name like Smith or Johnson or Miller. But, I actually kinda enjoy the sound of crickets chirping. Thanks.