I haven’t been a member for a long time (or very active in general) and I tend to post quite a bit about radar guns. Come Friday I finally have the chance to use one. I also haven’t pitched in a while so this should be interesting (y’know, that whole college thing tends to take precedence over most other things). To add a little more purpose to this thread, what were the numbers you guys posted on the gun (and pitch selection) either most recently or back in your prime?

Also, any special preparations taken? How’d you stay clam/get into the groove if the number were a little disappointing?

I haven’t pitched in a sanctioned game for years - so no numbers for that.

However I have been throwing/improving/training for a while now and really enjoy pitching ‘for the gun’ - It is a fun, quick thing to see and ‘hold onto’ (to show progress).

The fastest I have ever seen (that I threw) on a stalker was 95.

Be sure you don’t over stimulate yourself and cause yourself to lose velocity, it can happen, there’s tons of times when guys get too amped up and all of a sudden the number on the gun is disappointing.

Stay calm and stay within yourself.

Well, that was something. Very awkward. Have you guys ever felt not wanted by the majority of people in a given area? It seemed as though only the coach thought it was ok I was there.

Anywho, I showed up and had to wait around 2 hours, so that shot all that warm up work. But I quickly warmed up and threw (to an incredibly reluctant catcher). I rushed and I could just feel the ball not being thrown right. Realistically, I have no idea that it would really impact my velocity (honestly, I doubt it did given the numbers I got) but it wasn’t comfortable, that’s for sure.

I only had about 5-6 pitches gunned and they were 80-82 on a Bushnell (I think. It was dark grey with some orange). Overall, I’m pleased I got to try and got those numbers given my warm up/seemingly uncharacteristic mechanics. Now, to try to set a high score!

My best is 82 on my sinker. Lotsa groundballs. :smiley:

93 in game

Warm up well, and chunk. 89 last Thursday.

88, in game 86 avg. 16 yo sophomore

My best is 87 although I’m usually 83-86