I am 20 years old 6’ 1" and weigh 160lbs and I throw 83-84 and hit 85 sometimes. Is there any hope that I could increase velocity to 90 sometime in hopes of possibly being drafted. I’m a junior in college and I am playing summer ball now along with working out with the Tuff Cuff program in the weight room. I rewatch video of my mechanics and I’ve worked with a former pro but I just am trying to figure out how to throw harder. I play with guys who are skinnier and a lot weaker than I am but they throw harder than me.

Before anyone says it, can you get a video of your mechanics up from different angles?

Yep. Ben’s right, it’s really hard to give you advice without seeing video.

Start the video at 0:50 when I actually start pitching and there is some different angles

Also here is another from a more previous time than the first video


Also here is another from a more previous time than the first

Well, in all honesty, your mechanics look good, but the thing I would change, is your tempo. Your very slow, there’s no aggression, you need INTENT! Keep your same exact mechanics, but just speed up the tempo slightly while still under control. So just speed it up a little, and let me know where the velocity is then! Good luck!