i am 14 and am throwing only 64mph. i was wondering how fast i would be able to get my velocity up and how to do it?

Velocity can be improved in a lot of ways. A good video clip of you pitching would be very helpful.

You’re still young and will grow in height and weight. Both will help you in gaining speed. Also, more importantly, is how efficient are your mechanics? Try posting a clip of yourself pitching and there are enough experts who can give you good advice.

ok thanks i will but its winter here

Size and strength with help, but, it’s hard to gain velocity without throwing. There are plenty of resources on this site that will help you with your goals for velocity.

Mechanics and keep throwing, even when it’s winter there, gotta find a place inside, a jym or a baseball or inside sports place. Get some video up for the really smart people on this site to look at and then its all about hard work.

I’m originally from New York City, and you know how cold the winters can get there. So what I did was find an indoor venue where I could do some throwing (and work on some stuff) without freezing my tush off, and I always had an appreciative catcher who would pull on at least the mitt and the mask and catch for me. You can do the same thing—a high-school gym, or an armory, or some such place where you can mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate at the requisite distance and get someone to catch for you. 8)

Zita is right, it doesn’t need to be an indoor baseball place, warehouse, big basement, anything that has at least 70-100 feet to throw in. He here we had 70’s on Thursday and we were able to get a little dirt under our feet.