Hey, Im 16 and an junior in HS. I missed my whole last year of baseball due to a broken ankle. Ive been working out all fall. And ive never been clocked but im guessing around 70-75. I just need some advice on workouts that can help me gain velocity. Ive been trying to change my mechanics to throw faster also. ( Longer stride and use my legs more. and i can see improvement.) So any workous that are usefull???
And Uhhh i have to get a screw taken out of my ankle in November. and im really hoping it won’t affect me that much. Because when i broke my ankle and i was out for about 7 months i gained some weight. Thats partially why i started to work out. The doc said its only about 3-5 week recovery from taking it out but. i won’t need crutches. just my mobility will be limited.

I’m also 16 and junior in high school a couple ways i gained velocity was band work, DBs, and squats. Focus on strengthening your muscles you use to pitch. While doing other weights is great for you. Try focusing on gained strength in your upper and lower back … the scapula, focus on the rotator cuff also, use bands. Now doing weights in general will make you gain velocity but you’ll gain a lot more if you focus on the areas that are weak and the ones you use to pitch. Thats all the advice I can give you. This is coming from a guy who gained 10 MPH in a year following DBs, Squats, bands, and of course long toss and playing catch in the winter. I went from a 72 to an 82 in a year. right now i average 80.