Velocity: Weighted Baseballs

Currently, I’m a freshmen pitcher, pitching at a small private NAIA school. I was wondering what all of your thoughts were on training with weighted baseballs. I threw a live bullpen yesterday, my velocity was consistently 84 - 86, touching 87 multiple times in a row. Do you think I would have any benefits from using weighted baseballs to gain more velo? My goal is to be 85 to 87 by spring consistently, peaking at 88-89. Thanks.

We use them all the time in our program(s).

They work well for us, anyway. You can read more on my blog or get my free ebook in my signature here. It’s a pretty broad topic. Here are some other resources worth checking out:

NPA Velocity Plus Program - I think this is the canonical source for this program despite the fact I’ve seen it linked/written about/available for purchase in a bunch of spots (Shop - National Pitching Tom House Sports LLC). Anyway, it uses “holds” and “throws” of weighted balls up to 2 lbs and as light as 2 oz.

SETPRO’s BWBK - I don’t think you can buy this anymore from Paul, but here’s some info (SETPRO Smart Power Training Forum) that I was able to find.

The Athletic Pitcher - Ron Wolforth’s program which uses TAP weighted balls. It’s a lot more than that, of course.

I have a free eBook in my signature as I stated before as well as my own brand of weighted balls for sale. I have a book that uses weighted balls but it is meant for youth pitchers, so it’s not useful for you.

Anyway, that’s just a few things I found. Good luck with your search!